Who We Are

Building habitat supporting system for next billion people.

Beydest is revolutionizing the way we see technology since the industrial revolution. Our Product Beydest Air is an amalgamation of nature and technology. With our patented technology HBOG (Hybrid biologically enhanced oxygen generation technology) it creates artificial habitat for choking cities. If it's driven by a good policy then it can become the next big revolution in the likes of green revolution or white revolution. We gathered Industry experts from various domains with decades of experience in Bio-technology, Artificial Intelligence, Automatic Control system, Architecture and design, Product design, Cloud computing, City planners, and created a product offering. Not so many products in the world offer closed loop system, where we create consume and recycle the same product with lowest carbon emission. Instead a single product unit fixes upto 1 ton of carbon every week, sequestrate it, runs of cleanest form of Solar Energy, can feed the grid with upto 1kw power each day and produces pure breathable oxygen all without any human need. No product in the known world created by human can offer these novelties. This is a revolution. We aim to bring this technological offering to each and every city to revolutionise the habitat. The product is supported by many national and international organisations with funding from India's biggest PSU. In pilot tests the system achieved 90% efficiencies with up to 95% in very controlled conditions. Research is backed by international scientific publications and patents. Technology is 100% conceptualised, designed and manufactured in India and protected by 8 IP including 3 patents. Let's hope to create a better world for all life.



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    Pranjal Yadav

    Founder and CEO
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    Smriti Yadav

    Co-Founder and Product Architect
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    Ranveer Singh Saini

    Head of R&D and Production
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    CA Manoj Jain

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    Mohit Soam

    Sales Head
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    Mr S K Sharma

    Ex - Executive Director, TP&F, Indian Oil R&D
  • Photo

    Dr Ravindra Kumar

    PhD France, IOCL R&D
  • Photo

    Dr Narbir Singh Yadav

  • Photo

    Mr Manish Agarwal

    Ex Cisco, IIM B


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